Drain Cleaning Service in Farmingdale, NY

Drain cleaning improves your water flow and keeps your water bills as low as possible. The team at Apple Air Conditioning & Heating is committed to giving you the best, fastest, and most reliable service possible, keeping your drain clear for months after your service date.

Our service people have years of experience in the plumbing industry, giving them the skills needed to tackle any sort of drain or bathroom need. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by giving you the highest quality of service at a cost-effective price. We start by hiring five-star team members who can deliver service that you can trust — every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning

How often should you clean your drain?

On average, you should be servicing your drain annually to avoid harmful blockages or flow disruptions. Even if you keep your drains clean, hair, soap, and buildup can still create a major problem in your pipes — which may require more intensive intervention if not appropriately handled.

Are payment plans available?

Apple Air Conditioning & Heating is proud to offer accessible services you can trust. We do offer customized payment plans, so please contact us to determine your eligibility and options.

How can I tell if I need drain cleaning?

If your sink is draining slowly, or if you notice a foul smell coming from the drain opening(s), it may be time for a clean. Other indicators include standing water, gurgling noises coming from the drain, and higher-than-average water bills.

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