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Apple Shield Membership

When it comes to comfort in your home or office, nothing ruins the mood quite as quickly as a climate that is too hot or cold. Apple Air Heating, Cooling, Electric, and Plumbing offers a maintenance service program for all your HVAC needs to keep you comfortably in the Goldilocks zone. Join the program today to start saving on your HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair costs.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with the Apple Shield Membership Plan

Participating in our HVAC maintenance program can help you save money, improve indoor air quality, extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, and provide peace of mind knowing that your system is safe and reliable.

Apple Shield Advantages

2 Maintenance Visits per Year
We come out twice a year to ensure your heating and air system is running in tip-top shape.
Electrical Safety Inspection
We will assess the safety of your home from an electrical perspective and provide you with a report of our findings.
Plumbing System Inspection
We will assess your home’s plumbing and provide a detailed report of our findings.
Jump to the head of the line
As a Shield Plan member, your call will be scheduled ahead of the others. This applies to both routine and emergency calls.
No Emergency Fee
When you need work done, we will waive the dispatch fee if the job is done within normal business hours.
Preferred Pricing
Should you need repairs; you will receive discounted prices off any of our services.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee you’ll be thoroughlythrilled. If you aren’t, we’ll make it right.
Your Shield Plan membership can either be transferred to your new home or stay with the buyer of the home you are selling.
Extended Warranty
We will cover up to 5 years parts and labor warranty on any repairs done with continuous coverage of a Shield Protection Plan with regular maintenance of the system (only systems installed by Apple Air.

What are the benefits of participating in our maintenance program?

Taking part in our Apple Shield maintenance program has several benefits, including:

Energy efficiency: Regular HVAC system maintenance can increase its energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills.

Extended lifespan: Routine maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. Identifying and fixing problems early on can prevent more serious and costly issues from developing.

Improved indoor air quality: Regular cleaning and maintenance of your HVAC system can improve indoor air quality by removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants that accumulate in the system over time.

Enhanced safety: Well-maintained HVAC systems are less likely to develop safety issues such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Improved comfort: A well-maintained HVAC system can provide better heating and cooling performance, which can help maintain a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

Priority service: Our maintenance program entitles you to priority service, which means that if your system breaks down, you’ll receive faster service than non-program members.

Call Now to Enroll

The added assurance of knowing your HVAC system is cared for by qualified experts using our Maintenance Program is only a phone call away. Click the button below to connect with our team today.
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