Electrical Panel Upgrade on Long Island, NY

You shouldn’t compromise the quality of the services you need to keep your home or business comfortable. When you choose Apple Air, you’ll get the high standard of service on which we built our reputation. We’ll take care of the maintenance your heating system needs so you can focus on enjoying your property to the fullest.

When it’s time to replace your electric panel, choosing the right people to install it will make all the difference. If you need an electrical panel upgrade in Farmingdale, NY, Apple Air Conditioning & Heating has you covered. We offer quick, friendly service that will keep your electric panel in great shape.

What We Offer

Electric Panel Replacements

Older panels may not have the power to run newer appliances. Most panels can be expected to last up to 20 or 25 years, but because technology has evolved so much, you may need to replace your panel sooner.

An old electric panel can put your appliances at risk of significant damage. You may also be at risk of power surges and faulty wiring, which can cause electrical fires. If you have any concerns about the age or condition of your electric panel, call our team. We can replace it, and you’ll rest easy knowing that everything in your home works the way it should.

Electric Panel Maintenance

Since most electric panels are located in out-of-the-way places, it’s easy to forget about them. But you should never let the maintenance your electric panel needs slide. Even if you don’t notice major issues like flickering lights or tripping circuit breakers, being proactive is the best policy. Make sure you are getting regular maintenance to prevent any issues from arising with your electrical panel in the first place.

Our fully licensed team can offer electrical panel inspections and maintenance to keep it in good shape and working safely. When you work with us, you can also count on us to provide specialized recommendations that work for you and your home.

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