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Ductless Heating

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are ideal for homes or businesses that use electricity for heating and cooling. These systems incorporate efficient heat pump units operating at a far lower cost than older baseboard and wall heater systems. This technology works by using an easily installed zonal system and it requires no ductwork.

Homes that have existing traditional electric heat systems, woodstoves or other types of space heaters can be quickly converted to ductless systems. For remodels or room additions, this system is a viable option to include in the power plans. Ductless systems are designed to efficiently heat zones of a building. This makes them the right choice for homes with large open floor plans.

Ductless systems use a combination of indoor and outdoor reversible heat pump units to capture heat that is then directed through a small 3 inch opening in walls or the ceiling. An outdoor compressor is linked by refrigerant lines to indoor air-handling “head” units, with one head located in each zone to be controlled. Compressing and expanding a refrigerant vapor allows heat transfers into or out of the room as desired for heating or cooling. Ductless systems provide comfortable temperatures at lower costs than traditional electric systems.

These systems consist of an outdoor condensing unit that is connected to an indoor wall unit through a refrigeration line. These indoor units run far more efficiently and quietly than a traditional wall-mounted air conditioner and are capable of significantly greater cooling power. They are available in a variety of styles to fit the décor or any home or business. Dual zone and tri-zone units are also available, allowing homeowners to cool or heat several rooms of their home with only a single outdoor condensing unit.